I am willing to spend this type of money on coldlabel products because this is no artificial but all natural and organic products that does game changing things for the wavers in the wave game. Blending 3 butters from West African countries, this is an awesome blend of unrefined shea in its most nourishing state. Coldlabels 7plus+ Scalp Serum is a blend of the finest oils shown to have antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-fungal properties. Hi, I have not used this product but have heard great things about it. The conditioning soy adds rich moisture and shine. Just got this in not gonna lie better than any pomade/wax/ gel I’ve ever put on my head previously. Free shipping on orders over 25 shipped by amazon. (verified owner) – October 10, 2020. ColdLabel Premium Wave and Scalp Butter. Wolfin’ pomade. Wave and scalp butter wolfin combo. quinard EricLWebb94 Sweet jamila and wave & scalp butter are both very good products. Cold label 7 juices and berries. $13.98 $14.99. The conditioning soy adds rich moisture and shine. Rated 450 out of 5 1499. And also I love this product because it gives my hair that natural shine and hold!!! Great product! I prefer to use the Wave and Scalp Butter within two weeks of a hair cut. Kat McGarvey $13.98 $14.99. Marmara Barber Eau De Cologne Aftershave. Premium Wave and Scalp Butter 4oz. £22.49. Questions I have is it best to use pomade before adding 7 juices & berries or after ? The oils provide a light, healthy, non-greasy natural sheen. The oils provide a light, healthy, non-greasy natural sheen. (verified owner) – July 27, 2015, This is the best product in the world! I feel that the product is worth it but im having shipping problems and can’t get in contact with anyone, Your email address will not be published. Still in process my order -.- in holland it is send the same day when u order something, nomatter what! NO LANOLIN Corona Virus From The CEO. Alfonso Golden I bought this wave butter for my husband. (verified owner) – September 26, 2015. Cold label premium pomades. 48 average based on 77 product ratings. Was looking for all natural hair products, found this. Best stuff I’ve used. Brushing massages the scalp … Also is it ok to use both during a brush session or best to only use one during session, Your email address will not be published. A good general rule to follow is to use Coldlabel Wolfin’ Pomade to train hair, and Wave & Scalp Butter to maintain. out of stock . Thank you for your patience. My order number is 26862. If I am a already established waver but my waves are not connecting and want to switch to organic from the 360 style wave grease would these products be a good alternative, I was wondering if I could buy some of y’all products whole sale. $9.98 $15.00. That makes for better scalp, better hair elasticity and strength, and better waves as a result. You will see results within days. I’m going to start back waving soon would this help build my waves or is it only good for current wave patterns? PREMIUM WAVE & SCALP BUTTER is one of the most nutrient-rich hair butters on the market today. Go to the wholesale page under the shop tab to purchase by the case. (verified owner) – May 26, 2017. Barbicide 16 oz. Look forward to buying more! Amazon's Choice for cold label wave and scalp butter Xotics by Curtis Smith Sweet Jamila Hair & Body Shea Glaze – 4 oz | Professionally Formulated Shea Butter & Essential Oil Fusion | Nourish, Protect & Support Healthy Hair and Skin Our product assists by maximizing your natural wave pattern.