Lincoln Pollinator Action Plan: Planting the Way for Biodiversity and Climate Resilience. These action areas are: 1. Hall, R. SteinerInsect pollinator conservation policy innovations at subnational levels: lessons for lawmakers. Partnership with the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan: ... Ireland Pollinator Plan is a strategy that addresses this problem. The future Phoenix College Pollinator Garden will be North of the Art Building. To achieve these goals, the Task Force developed a series of action plans and resources. Pollinator-friendly policies are on the increase. The Glasgow Pollinator Plan supports the national strategy by detailing local action to help halt pollinator declines and reverse the losses. ... habitat within the critical landscape defined in the National Pollinator Partnership Action Plan. endstream endobj startxref In partnership with Friends of the Earth and Somerset Wildlife Trust, we have published a county-wide pollinator action plan – a scheme to help secure the future of pollinators in Somerset. The overall objective of this plan of action is to promote coordinated action worldwide to safeguard wild and managed pollinators and promote the sustainable use of pollination services, which is a recognized vital ecosystem service for agriculture as well as for the … OSTP invites you to plot your part in the next American evolution! Non-essential cookies are also used to tailor and improve services. Research Action Plan The Pollinator Research Action Plan, a separate document accompanying the Strategy, outlines federally supported research objectives to improve gaps in knowledge concerning the impacts of pollinator health. For example, the New Jersey Senate Environment committee passed the “Jersey Native Plants Program,” to promote the sale of native vegetation at local garden centers. 3. 4.1 International Pollinator Initiative and the Plan of Action 2000-2015 14. In 2013, the number was just 36. An opportunity to make a difference by restoring high quality pollinator habitat within the critical landscape defined in the National Pollinator Partnership Action Plan. Specific goals and … Buglife and Friends of the Earth guidance for councils - Action for Pollinators; A Blueprint for Local Authority Best Practice, Dorset council spoke on local authority pollinator efforts - Improving Local Networks for Pollinators, Managing parks in Burnley - Pollinators & Purse-strings; Council Action on a Budget. The priorities in the Action Plan fall into five main action areas, covered in ten subject-specific chapters. Underpinning these goals is the Pollinator Research Action Plan (PRAP 2015), designed to focus Federal efforts on producing the scientific information needed to understand, minimize, and recover from pollinator losses. Google Scholar. ��. Pollinator Partnership Plan Hailed by Almond Alliance of California for Commitment to Honey Bee Health Jan. 16, ... industry experts, collaborate with their peers and observe recommended practices in action. 440 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<51C5D1EBCB815C4F813F5602399F7D44>]/Index[422 61]/Info 421 0 R/Length 91/Prev 637735/Root 423 0 R/Size 483/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream More species with detailed information can be found in the Pollinator Partnership’s Guide. Actions 7-14 set out how Cornwall Council can address pollinator issues through its planning functions. Cornwall’s Pollinator Action Plan 2019-2024 In response to alarming losses in insect numbers, Cornwall Council launched its Pollinator Action Plan in May 2019. The National Strategy to Promote Pollinator Health has three goals: Reduce … Goals. The Administration’s National Pollinator Strategy Table 1. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. In Wales, Torfaen has committed to protecting pollinating insects, as have Conwy and Monmouthshire, which have achieved Bee Friendly accreditation. A growing number of councils are developing pollinator action plans. Following consultation, in 2013, an ' Action Plan for Pollinators in Wales ' was launched setting the strategic vision, outcomes and areas for action to halt and reverse pollinator decline in Wales. Kelly Gill, Senior Pollinator Conservation Specialist, Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Region. As pollinator science matures and our information about pollinators becomes more robust, so too will the long-term Federal strategy. Photo of bumblebees pollinating Asclepias incarnata taken by Bruce Rodan.. Today, the Administration is releasing the Pollinator Partnership Action Plan (PPAP), building on Federal actions to improve pollinator health by facilitating additional state and private-sector engagement. 422 0 obj <> endobj It has a pollinator action plan as well as a Bumblebee Species Action Plan, which is part of their Biodiversity Action Plan. To learn more about what the province is ... Partnership. Pollinator Week is an international celebration that promotes bees, butterflies, flies, bats and beetles that sustain our environment through pollination. Some more news from our last meeting: First step toward successful garden, plan, plan, plan - Create a master plan for the area. January 16, 2020. June 22, 2016 This afternoon the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) released the Pollinator Partnership Action Plan (PPAP). The PPAP accompanies the National Strategy to Promote Pollinator Health, released by OSTP in 2015 along with the science-based Pollinator Research Action Plan. 482 0 obj <>stream Photo by Norman Levey. It also highlights areas that are ripe for future collaboration. Welsh schools are getting bee friendly thanks to an initiative by Friends of the Earth Cymru in association with the Welsh Government. 89. Sites within rest areas and welcome centers will provide additional public education benefit. Our vision is to promote and enhance pollinator protection consistent with the Agency’s mission to protect public health and the environment and in particular to ensure that pollinators are not subject to unreasonable adverse effects from exposure to pesticides. 3. The Pollinator Research Action Plan (Action Plan), a stand-alone component of the Strategy, is a roadmap for Federally-supported pollinator health research. Thanks to Friends of the Earth and other organisations, the government launched the National Pollinator Strategy in 2014 to reverse the decline of pollinating insects. h�bbd``b`�@��H�:�Xg��� �xH8ԀX�@��$�$4^��܁�@��� �\@Bd2�p �36� 0 &� We have an official spot! Plant. To foster collaboration, the interagency Pollinator Health Task Force will work toward developing a Partnership Action Plan that guides coordination with the many state, local, industry, and citizen groups with interests in and capacities to help tackle the challenge facing pollinators. ��FFF��� �7/�Z2�`���O�c��/1�r��`�#����}z���vG�< ���ؗ��e�;xl�����>��c�n�i ��y���r#l'=�`7`��p��jC}���7��8�Y�&�(� c���0���n&�F�-w��_ At local level, councils can also play a critical role in habitat protection, restoration and creation, and you can ask them to do just that. This draft plan builds on the changes the agriculture sector has made – we are now looking to forge partnerships with other groups and sectors to continue our path forward to improved pollinator health. action to strengthen pollinator health and ensure healthy agricultural and natural ecosystems. Incorporated in England and Wales. h�b```��,��� �����x�΀ This project is developed in partnership with Evan Abramson of LandscapeInteractions and Dr. Robert Gegear, a professor of biology at UMASS Dartmouth. The Action Plan for Pollinators in Wales was the first of its kind across the UK. The CBD’s draft Pollinator Initiative Plan of Action for 2018 to 2030 encourages governments to consider four objectives when tackling protection and recovery. The White House, Washington (2016) … The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan is a cross-sector initiative, led by the National Biodiversity Data Centre, with local authorities, farmers, businesses, schools and local communities to support pollinators such as bees. By developing partnerships and initiatives that strengthen pollinator health, we are working to achieve Ontario’s vision to be home to healthy pollinator populations that contribute to a sustainable food supply and support resilient ecosystems and a strong economy. The plan has enabled us to make significant savings - we save around £93k a year by only cutting rural road verges when needed, allowing wildflowers and grasses to flower and set seed.

pollinator partnership action plan

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