However, it is all for the good of their children. While it is alright to expect however we must not hold grudges against people who do not come up to our expectations. They also want to spend time with them and create memories, and they are there for us no matter what. We were so used to history essay about love express our preferences (p. Cambridge, ma: Harvard up, 208 print. It enlightens and empowers us. Both are essential for a loving and fulfilling relationship. Thesis and dissertation topics? Grandparents shower immense love and affection on their grandchildren. We must love others selflessly without worrying about whether they will love us back with same intensity. They always want to see their little ones happy. A typical situation, in these modern times is the picture of a man and woman living together without marriage. Love is the many emotions that we experience affection and care. Love by definition is an emotion explored in philosophy, religion, and literature, often as either romantic love, the fraternal love of others, or the love of God based on the definition found in The Encarta Encyclopedia. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});